OTC’s Newest Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool – Pegisys

Genisys has been a very popular choice in auto scan tools for many years, but now Pegisys is staged to be OTC’s next generation of automotive diagnostic scan tools. Genisys is still a very good scan tool and will continue to be very popular due to it’s much lower cost and it will continue to be supported by OTC. OTC has many automotive code readers, scan tools and diagnostic tools. OTC currently has the OTC 3499 (no fancy name), the Nemisys, the Genisys and now the Pegisys. The Pegisys has AirBridge technology which allows wireless communication with the vehicle and the Internet. I suppose there is a correlation between the Pegisys and Pegasus, Pegasus is a winged horse in classical mythology and is also a northern constellation between Cygnus and Aquarius. It represents the freedom of the wireless capability that allows the auto tech to move around the vehicle when performing diagnostic tests. Auto scan tools normally have an interface cable that keeps the tech in the seat or requires the cable to be draped through the door or window to reach the engine compartment.Pegisys has a touch screen. In addition to being able to use the scroll to change frames when using the scan tool, the Pegisys allows the user to make selections right on the touch screen. Everyone knows that guys are “visual” creatures. So, what better way for a guy to find the application he wants than to just touch the image on the screen?OTC 3825 equipped with a scope. Sometimes when testing a particular component on a car, a scope is needed to see the wave patterns to help detect momentary glitches. This is particularly helpful when testing sensors like the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor).Updates through the Internet. The Pegisys comes with a one year subscription that starts when the tool is registered for warranty on the Pegisys website. It comes with USA Domestic and Asian software and even has OBD I and OBD II cables included. Optional software enables the Pegisys to be used on European vehicles and Heavy duty truck applications.OTC also produces car dealer specific diagnostic scan tools like the Tech 2 Scan tool for Chevrolet. While the Tech 2 has programming/flashing capability it is limited to GM. The key to the Pegisys scan tool is that it has the capability to access many different makes and many systems.This makes the OTC Pegisys Scan Tool a good choice for repair shops that need to service many different makes and models. With access to the Internet, technicians can also easily find more information from Identifix an optional data base that has fixes that auto techs in the real shop environment have uploaded. Indentifix can of course be accessed without the Pegisys, but with the wireless Internet it just makes it very convenient.